Land Surveying

We can provide land surveying services relevant to:

Building location, set-out, compliance and floor levels

Land subdivision

Topographical survey and plan preparation to show contour and land topography

Redefinition and boundary location surveys

Sea wall surveys

Land monitoring surveys

Earthworks & Roading

Determining the location of easements

Land transfer surveys


We have expertise in many forms of subdivision and management of the entire process including:

Rural Subdivision

Urban Subdivision

Commercial Subdivision

Boundary adjustments and relocations

Cross-leases and conversions to fee simple titles

Unit title developments

Civil Engineering

We can provide civil engineering services relevant to:

Land development engineering

Earthworks quantities and design

Roading and access way design

Network storm water and wastewater design

As-built surveys and plans

Planning and Resource Consents

We can provide a full range of planning and project management services including:

Feasibility assessment

Property and Title investigations

Subdivision and development design

Strategic land use planning

Resource Management Act requirements relating to:

  • Land Use consent
  • Subdivision consent
  • Environmental, Coastal and Discharge consents

Project Management of the all or part(s) of the Consent application process:

  • Scheme plan for development
  • Engaging necessary specialists and obtaining necessary reports
  • Affected party consultation
  • Preparation and submission of Consent applications
  • Overseeing required construction, traffic management and service connections
  • Management of Consent application through to final Council sign off
  • Overseeing issue of Titles